Raise your hand if this has happened to you. You’re getting ready for your amazing night on the town, lean in to apply your lipstick and….wait. Is that a hair? On your face? No one wants any sort of peach fuzz getting in the way of their perfect pink pout.  Here are some tips and tricks to help  get rid of unwanted facial hair.

It’s important to note that you should follow the directions when it comes to home facial hair removal products.  When it comes to creams, “body” doesn’t mean “face” and wax won’t work better if it’s hotter!  In fact, you could scald your skin!  Not good!  Lasers are not more effective if left on for minutes rather than seconds.  Be sure to follow the directions you are given on the box or by a professional. The number one rule is: Be Safe.

Waxing. There are a handful of options available to you for at home facial hair removal, but wax can be the best option.  In fact, people do better in the long run with waxing.  Wax pulls the hair out from the root which limits hair growth and may even stop scruff from coming back completely in certain areas.  When looking for a good wax, try looking for premade strips. Be sure to pull the strip in the direction of the hair.  You don’t want little red bumps after waxing!

Depilatory (hair removal) creams.  If you don’t want to try waxing, try depilatory creams. The great news is these creams chemically dissolve hair and dead skin cells without any nicks or stubble.The bad news is the creams have chemicals and often have a chemical scent to them.  They can also be harsh when it comes to the skin on the face.  Be sure to look for one specifically designed for the face!  If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid this option as it can cause irritation and redness.

Shaving. Facial shaving feels like a lot of work (especially for girls) but it’s lower maintenance.  It’s a practical hair removal technique that a lot of people use.  Remember to find a hydrating shaving cream  as well as a good after shave moisturizer.  Also, forget about the old wives tale about facial hair growing back coarser once you shave it. It’s simply not true! It may feel thicker, but it’s not.

These are a few simple, easy ways you can remove facial hair at home.  Each method havetheir pros and cons. Figure out which one works best for you.  Good luck and, remember, the number one rule is: Be Safe!


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