Do you want to step up your eyelashes?Have you looked in the mirror and thought your lashes were lackluster? Everyone wants long, beautiful eyelashes, but most options like eyelash extension and medical procedures are expensive.  Fortunately, there are three simple tips and tricks you can do at home with your favorite mascara to help achieve those luscious lashes that won’t break the bank! Remember, mascara takes about thirty seconds to fully dry, so you need to work quickly with a few of these tips.  If you’re up for the challenge, here they are:

For wider and bigger lashes. Elongate your center lashes by using the tip of your brush to stretch the middle lashes upward.Define the bottom lash line by doing the same.

To look well rested. Carefully coat the tiny inside corner hairs aka your baby lashes with mascara. Doing this helps brighten the whites of your eyes.  You only need a touch of mascara so clean off the tip of your wand before you start.

An instant eye lift. Add an extra coat of mascara to the outermost lashes and allow to dry.

Pretty easy, right? And all you need is a mirror and your mascara. These are just a few ideas that you can try to put your best eyelashes forward!  If you feel especially creative, try colored mascaras or glitter. You’re only limited by your imagination.


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