Acne, for most people, was a horrible memory from their teenage years.  As they graduated to adulthood, they hoped leave those memories far, far behind. As you get older, it’s true you enjoy fewer break outs, but they do still happen. No matter how old you get, you are not immune to acne break outs.  Happily, you can arm yourself with a few simple tricks to stop the break outs from giving you flashbacks.

If the pimple is a blackhead. Cleanse your face before applying a clay-based mask to the pimple and surrounding area.  Clay actually draws impurities out of your skin.  Allow the mask to sit for the required amount of time before rinsing it off.  Now apply a pore-cleansing strip to the pimple.  Your skin should be wet for the strip to stick properly.  Allow the strip to dry before quickly peeling it off.  It should come off along with the blackhead.  Ice the area for a few minutes to minimalize swelling and you’re set!

If the pimple is a pustule. Start by soaking a washcloth in hot water.  The hotter you can stand it, the better the effect will be.  Apply this hot washcloth to the pimple, but don’t press too hard. Hold the washcloth in place.  The heat draws the puss inside the pimple upward making it easier to remove.  After several minutes, gently dry the area.  Wrap each of your index fingers in a clean tissue.  Using a gentle pressure, lightly squeeze the pimple.  Squeezing too hard may draw blood or cause scarring.  If nothing comes out of the pimple, leave it alone and try the same routine later.

If the pimple is big, red, itchy, or is a sore bump. For this type,you have two options.  See a dermatologist for an emergency zapping, or cover the pimple.  The dermatologist can inject a cortisone solution into this type of pimple to shrink it.  Since seeing a dermatologist usually involves a long wait time, your best option may be to cover the pimple with makeup.  Begin with a concealer that matches your skin exactly.  Avoid a coverup that’s lighter than your skin as it will highlight rather than hide the pimple.  Use your finger to dab a tiny bit of concealer on the pimple. Blend the concealer out with a concealer brush.  Top with a dusting of loose powder to help the coverup stay in place.  Be sure to wash off the concealer before going to bed!  Not doing this step can make the pimple worse!

Pimples are a fact of life no matter how old you get.  We’ve all been there. Fortunately, there are easy, tried-and-true treatment options to help you take care of those annoying flare ups.  Just like break outs during your teenage years, this too shall pass.  I promise!


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