Do you want some nail art that’s really going to make you stand out?  Do you love art and want to represent it in a unique and fun way?  Negative Space Nail Art is a great way for you to combine the two passions together!There are many ways to create negative space nail art.  You can get started with these simple tricks and experiment from there!  The only limit is your own creativity!

Pink and white. This is a fairly simple DIY nail job.  Using your favorite method, paint a single white stripe horizontally across your nail. Let it dry.  Once dry, apply a pink coat to one side of the line you painted.  Which side you decide to paint is up to you, but it creates a unique look.

Kittens on nails. If you love cats or are looking for something whimsical, this is a great option for you!  When getting your manicure done, have the manicurist apply a clear base coat and then paint cat faces on your nails.  Leave the empty space open for a cute look that will surely draw attention to your nails.

Get creative with shapes. The beauty of negative space nails is you can get creative with shapes.  There’s no way to go wrong with it!  One common method is to paint three semi-circles on your nails.  Two long ovals along the sides of your nails going upwards and one small semi-circle on the top of your nail is popular.  Another idea is a black rectangle in the middle of your nail.  It’s a simple but bold idea that looks professional and goes with everything!

Accent only two nails.  This is a new fun idea worth experimenting with.  Accent only two of your nails with negative space designs while leaving the others fully painted.  It will be sure to get your nails (and you) some attention!

These are just a few ideas for you to try when you’re looking to create awesome looking negative space nails.  Remember, the only limit is your imagination!


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