I can already hear the chorus of voices now:  “Orange eye shadow?! What are you thinking?”  Before I scare you off with this less than popular color choice, hear me out.  Generally, there are two camps when it comes to make up. Those who feel it should only be used to enhance your natural beauty, and those that feel it should be used to express creativity.  You can go back and forth between the camps, being an enhancer by day and creative by night.  (It’s okay. I won’t tell.) Experimenting with bold colors falls firmly into the creative camp. Creatives believe orange eye shadow is fun.   The thing is, it’s not only fun, funky, and creative…It’s also fashion forward. Here’s how to create the perfect orange eye effect:

  1. Begin by priming your eyelid with your favorite primer.
  2. Line your inner rim with a black liner.
  3. Line your upper lid with black liner and smudge with a pencil brush. If you’re using a waterproof eyeliner, smudge it immediately.  If you allow the waterproof eyeliner to dry and set, you won’t be able to smudge or move it.
  4. Smudge the black liner into the outer corner of your eye, bringing it slightly into the crease.
  5. Apply a soft rosy brown shadow to the middle of your eyelid.
  6. Apply a pretty and shimmery ivory shade to your inner eye corner using a small brush.
  7. Use a fluffy crease brush to apply a matte orange shadow into your crease. Work in circular and windshield wiper motions.
  8. Apply a matte black shadow onto the outer third of your eye. Immediately blend inward with a fluffy blending brush.
  9. Touch up the orange shadow in your crease. The intensity of the orange shadow may have been dulled down a bit by the black shadow.
  10. Reapply the eyeliner and smudge.
  11. Apply mascara.
  12. Complete your look with minimal make up or nudes. You want your eyes to be the focal point of your look.

Are you ready to be creative, funky, and fashion forward? Think about the fun you can have with your make up!


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