We all know it, we all love it, and we all hate it at the same time because getting that Cleopatra cat’s eye look feels like it’s darn near impossible!  How is it that so many people are able to get it to look so perfect while the rest of us are forced to wonder “How did you do that??”Fortunately, the Cleopatra cat’s eye look doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be.  Here are some easy dos and don’ts to help you achieve that perfect look.

Do use a liquid liner pen.  Liquid liner pens have the ease of a pencil combined with the ease of a traditional liquid.  You don’t need to paint this on your skin but rather draw it on.

Don’t use a pencil to get the same look.  Pencils are great if you want a smoky or smudging look, but won’t work well for a cat’s eye look.

Do apply with the right technique.  This may take you a little practice,  but it gets easier.  Start at the inner corner of your eye and apply a thin line directly along the lash line. Work outward.  Use small strokes if you worry your hand isn’t steady.  Keep the line thin. When you get to the outer corner of your eye, draw straight out along the arc of your lower lash line as if you were completing the end of a “C” until you’ve got the wing that you want.  Bring the liner back towards your eye to finish off the triangle before filling in the middle.  Once you have your base line drawn, you can always go back and thicken the line for more intensity by going over it again.

Don’t try to create that thick line right away.  It only offers more opportunities for accidents and smudging.

Do pair your cat eye liner with a simple shimmery shadow on the eyelid and a matte lip.

Don’t add smoky shadow, shimmery lips, or glitter as this interferes with the liner.  Keep your make up simple to help your eyes really stand out.

Do have fun and play with lines that are thick, thin, big, or small.  You can also experiment with colored eye liner for fun.

Following these few simple rules will help you step up your eye liner game in no time! Good luck!


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