Have you ever felt stuck wondering what the right concealer for your skin tone is?  Choosing the right concealer or primer to create an even skin tone can be tricky.  You can’t choose the right color unless you understand how the color theory works, so in a way we’re going back to art lessons!  To put it simply, when two colors that are opposite of one another on the color wheel are layered together, they cancel one another out.  With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about your skin and primers to cancel out or “neutralize” any imperfections in order to find the best concealer for you.

Pinks. Pink colored concealers and primers are meant to add brightness and life to dull colored skin.  This works very well if you’ve found yourself pulling an all-nighter or drank too much.  If your skin looks dehydrated or ashen, it perks right up with a pretty rose shade.  Many eye brighteners are also a pale pink.

Yellows. Yellows are the most versatile for correctors.  Even though yellow is the opposite of purple, it does a great job at neutralizing any redness.  Because many dark circles are truly purple rather than blue, a yellow corrector neutralizes that darkness so you use much less product.  It also works for an awesome under eye highlight when highlighting and contouring!

Greens. Green concealers and primers are often used to cancel out redness.  Greens are helpful to cancel out the redness of a blemish.  The green primers are great if you have rosacea or a severe redness.  If you have a mild to moderate redness, on the other hand, stick with a yellow primer instead of green.

Peach/Salmon. These apricot colored concealers are great for battling blueness or any overall darkness including post blemish marks, dark under eye circles, shadows, or veins.  Most people cancel out a great deal of under eye darkness with a salmon-toned concealer.  If you are African American or have a darker skin tone, you will want to look for an almost pure orange.

Lavender. This is perhaps the most unused of all concealers.  Lavender concealers and primers counteract any sallowness and yellow skin tones.  If you are Asian, Hispanic, or Mediterranean descent, you shouldn’t feel like you’re forced to use a lavender concealer.  You can use lavender to cancel out any warmth or yellow in your eye area and on the lids so your shadow’s true colors come through.

Make sense? Do you feel like you need a cheat sheet? Now that you know these simple shades, you can go out and look wonderful with your concealers!


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